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About Us

Who is Capstone?

What We Do:

Capstone Capital Partners, LLC is a Direct Private Lender with a trusted network of seasoned private individuals who lend on First Lien Mortgages in Texas. Capstone originates, processes and closes all loans in-house and along with our in-house Loan Servicing Company (Walter Servicing). Together, we have decades of lending and real estate experience. With our combined experience our team has closed and funded over 500M in loans for both traditional and private funding transactions. The Capstone team has developed a unique and innovative business model for private lending that makes it a smooth and transparent process for both our borrowers and lenders.

Our Vision:

To create a trusted network of successful real estate investors who have the vision of making an impact in the communities we invest in while prospering together and serving people. We will accomplish this vision by staying true to our values of building our network with trust, transparency and people. Everyone is important and this is why we honor and appreciate our lenders, our borrowers, our vendors, and even our favorite charities. We believe in impacting people’s lives for the better and we know that true transformation is something that is never accomplished alone. We need you all to accomplish this goal and we appreciate you all.

Our Values:

Trust – We believe everything is built on Trust & Transparency. This is why we believe in being transparent with our process and our people.

Relationships – We believe people are more important than transactions. This is why we have such a high level of repeat business from both borrowers and lenders.

Community – We believe in helping our communities grow and redevelop by our investment model. We also believe in partnering with select charities who have a vision for helping the poor, the disheartened and the impoverished who would otherwise have little to no hope for a second chance. We encourage our investors and borrowers to participate along with us in giving to charitable organizations that are making a difference in their communities.

Prosperity – We believe in a model where everyone prospers creating a win for all parties involved. As long as the investment model wins for all parties involved we are staying true our values.

Trusted Professionals

Ray Walter

CEO and Founder
Krystine Beneke

Krystine Beneke

Vice President of Business Development

Jeremy Pate

Investor Relations

Kayla Walter


Dorothy Horton

Operations Manager

Melanie Miller

Loan Servicing Manager

Curtis Simpson

Chief Lending Officer

Nicole Southerland

Vice President of Lending Operations

Laszlo Szabo

Consultant - Business Process and Operations

Ashley Hester

Loan Servicing Specialist

Mindy Walter


Want More Information?

You can call us direct at 512-257-1330 or give us your info below.

Our Investment Packet outlines our team structure & process, properties that we have funded, how we underwrite the loans, and testimonials from other investors.

BORROWERS: Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone) is a private lender in Texas; however, Capstone is not a Texas Licensed Mortgage Broker. Per the Texas SAFE act, loans made to purchase and rehab properties with the intent to resell and loans to acquire rental properties are for business purposes, not personal, family or household use, and are not subject to licensure under the Texas SAFE Act. Capstone does NOT lend on Homestead loans and only funds investment loans in Texas.

INVESTORS: For Accredited Investors only. Our private lenders are earning an average of 8-10% annual return on 1st liens (Trust Deed Investments) in Texas. Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone) does not guarantee these annual returns and past performance does not always guarantee future success. This advertisement is not an offer to sell or a solicitation for an investment into Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone). Capstone has not registered these notes as securities and does not intend to in the future. Capstone is relying upon the exemptions provided for in Section 5.J of the Texas Securities Act and Section 3(a)(11) and Rule 147 of the Securities Act of 1933 as well as other exemptions not specifically described in this disclaimer. More Information