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Who is Capstone?

Capstone Investing has a friendly & experienced team with decades of combined experience servicing hundreds of private loans throughout the ups and downs of the lending cycle. Capstone strives for stellar customer service and our customer surveys continually report very high customer satisfaction ratings. Capstone is familiar with all aspects of loan servicing including: borrower collections, investor relations, defaults & asset management including annual IRS reporting, etc.. Capstone Servicing is an accredited BBB member with an A+ Rating.

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Our Investors are earning passive annual returns of 8-10% (paid monthly) fully collateralized by First Liens on Real Estate. Our private lenders have the unique opportunity to hand-select which properties they want to fund. Best of all, their investment capital is fully secured by a deed of trust (1st lien) along with title insurance to protect the lien. Learn more about this exciting way to invest.



We provide fast private funding for your real estate investment deals. We fund renovation. new construction, land, and small commercial loans in the state of Texas (outside states are considered). At capstone we use common sense underwriting (asset-based) and we can fund your loan in as little as 2 weeks if the deal makes sense. Get pre-approved today!


Get to Know our Family of Clients

This video not only talks about what we do, but also has interviews with our team, investors, and borrowers.

Get to Know Us in One Minute

Come join the Capstone family along with other seasoned investors who love to be part of transforming communities while making solid returns.

Capstone Portfolio Since 2012:

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Dollar Amount
Historical Yield

Earn 8%-9% Annual Return - Fully Collateralized

Our Investment Packet outlines properties that we have funded, how we underwrite the loans, including the overall process and testimonials from other investors. You can call us direct at 512-257-1330. Learn more about how to become an investor today! 

Recently Paid Off Projects

2000 Lipan Trail, Austin TX 78733

FR – New Construction
Austin, TX

Total Loan Amount: $510,000

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4401 Glomar Ave UNIT 1,
Austin, TX 78721

FR – New Construction
Austin, TX

Total Loan Amount: $625,000

View Portfolio

16012 Villa Frontera Dr,
Bee Cave, TX 78738

FR – New Construction
Bee Cave, TX

Total Loan Amount: $569,000

View Portfolio


See what our clients are saying about Us.

“Each person at Capstone treats me with respect, friendliness, and professionalism. I appreciate not only the returns that are being made on my investment, but also that all is done from a perspective of good, Godly stewardship”

P. Horton

“I have been very pleased with my investing experience at Capstone Lending. They are very transparent and communicative throughout the process”

B. Izsak

“Communications are immediate and thorough… we are extremely satisfied with the service we have received… this is an excellent and well-run company with a wonderful work ethic”

R. Poplawski

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