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Ray Walter

Ray Walter

CEO and Founder

Before founding Capstone Capital Partners in 2012, Ray started out with conventional lending in 1998 and eventually became a Licensed Texas Mortgage Broker. Over time Ray moved out of the conventional lending space altogether and focused primarily on Private Lending (his passion) and helping to establish other private lending companies in the Austin area (one of which is the debt portfolio of Thrive FP).

In 2007, Ray founded Capstone Servicing Corp, a servicing company that services loans originated by private lenders. Capstone Servicing has serviced more than $200M in private loans since 2007 and currently has $30M of loans in the pipeline. Through many hardship lessons, especially during the credit crisis of 2008, Ray has learned the value of staying prudent while maintaining and keeping a common sense approach to lending.

Ray focuses on creating positive lasting relationships with both borrowers and lenders to create a win-win scenario on every transaction. Ray has funded more than $250M in lending transactions in his entire career of 19 years in mortgage lending. Ray and his wife Kayla live in Austin with their three children.